Third-Party Sender Tool Updated

Third Party Sender Tool

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Tool Helps FIs Understand Roll as Intermediary

When a transaction involves the use of a payment intermediary (e.g., a Third-Party Service Provider that performs some aspect of payment processing on behalf of a client), those ACH roles may not always be easily identifiable. That’s why Nacha developed and recently updated the Third-Party Sender Identification Tool. It helps financial institutions and their ACH customers understand their roles when an intermediary is involved in some aspect of ACH payment processing.

As a Third-Party Sender, there is an opportunity to become Nacha Certified, which demonstrates that a company has met standards that include a solid risk and compliance program, stability, sound governance, and has strong core ACH practices in place.

For additional information, check out the tool, download the criteria to become Nacha Certified or read recent blog posts: