May 13, 2021

Is Your Financial Institution’s Information Current in the ACH Contact Registry? Now’s the Time to Make Certain

One day you might need the help that the ACH Contact Registry was created to provide. But imagine how you’ll feel if the listing doesn’t provide the assistance it’s supposed to.

That’s been an issue for some ACH Contact Registry users who have reached out to Nacha.

“We have heard about cases where people encounter incorrect phone numbers or email addresses. Other times, its phone numbers or email addresses that are not being monitored during normal business hours,” said Jeanette Fox, Nacha Senior Director, Risk Investigations & ACH Network Risk Management. 

The ACH Contact Registry was created to make it easier for someone at one financial institution to find help at another financial institution. Often, it’s a matter in which time is of the essence. 

“Having correct and updated information in the ACH Contact Registry is crucial not only to its success, but to helping colleagues at thousands of banks and credit unions across the nation,” said Fox. “It could also be crucial to you getting an answer to your question.”

Under the Nacha Operating Rule that created the Registry, financial institutions using the ACH Network are obligated to register contacts for ACH operations and fraud/risk management. They can use individual or departmental contacts, but the phone numbers and email addresses must be monitored during normal business hours. 

“This is not a heavy lift, but it’s also not a one and done, because the Rule also requires that when there are personnel or other changes, the ACH Contact Registry must be updated accordingly, within 45 days. FIs should have procedures in place to know when registered contacts change and to make necessary updates,” said Fox.

They should also have procedures for annual updates to the Registry and should also be prepared to demonstrate that contact phones and emails are monitored during regular business hours.

Since the Registry opened on July 1, 2020, more than 36,000 contacts have been registered. The Registry is securely housed on Nacha’s Risk Management Portal, where information is available only to registered financial institutions, Payments Associations and the two ACH Operators. 

Oct. 30, 2020 was the original registration deadline, and while that’s come and gone, an additional grace period is in effect until Aug. 1, 2021.

“The first of August is coming up fast and will be here before you know it,” said Lorie Nash, Nacha Senior Director of Compliance. “We always prefer to see voluntary compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules and are grateful to the financial institutions that have both registered and kept their information current.”

But rules are rules, and there’s been ample time. 

“Not complying with the ACH Contact Registry’s requirements can be a Class 2 level violation and could be subject to a fine. But that’s always a last resort for Nacha,” said Nash. “What we really would like to see is voluntary compliance, both with initial registration and subsequent updates to the Registry.”

Learn more about the ACH Contact Registry on the Rules section of

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