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Sample Third-Party Sender ACH Management Policy

A TPS that has agreed with a Participating DFI to process Entries has certain, specific ACH Rule obligations, including the requirement to implement an ACH Risk Management Program. The components of an effective ACH Risk Management Program typically begins with the development and implementation of a formal ACH Policy. Establishment of an ACH Policy demonstrates to the ODFI the Third-Party Sender's understanding of its role in the ACH Network and the risks involved with its activities, by addressing the key ACH Rules to which the Third-Party Sender must comply. Also having thorough and well-documented ACH policies for your organization are crucial to establishing a strategic direction, mitigating risks, and managing compliance with the ACH Rules as well as other applicable rules and regulations. The 2024 Third-Party Sender Sample ACH Management Policy template incorporates updates to maintain with recent ACH Rule changes covering essential ACH processes such as ACH origination, Nested Third-Party Sender relationships, Originator strategies and onboarding requirements. Our user-friendly tool will help you tailor a Third-Party Sender ACH Management Policy according to your organization's involvement in the ACH Network. (2024)

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