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When healthcare EFT is used with electronic remittance advice (ERA), the healthcare EFT standard can help streamline processes and create cost savings. Find the resources to support the adoption of the EFT Standard and ERA.

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Research Finds Medical Providers Increased Use of ACH Claim Payments During Pandemic, as Dental Offices Lag

February 14, 2022
In the first look at how the pandemic impacted healthcare claim payments, a new report found medical professionals continued to rely heavily on ACH, while their dental counterparts have a ways to go. “For many plans and provider administrative staff, COVID-19 forced the use of technology and automated transactions as staff began working from home and did not have access to office faxes, call centers and mail facilities,” researchers noted in the 2021 CAQH Index. The ninth annual Index, released Jan.

Electronic Healthcare Claim Payments Surge in 2021

May 26, 2021
As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside, healthcare claim payments are on the rise. Figures from Nacha show nearly 37.4 million healthcare claim payments were made to providers by ACH in March 2021, the most ever in a single month, and an increase of 19.3% over March 2020. The value of those payments, more than $171.3 billion, is up 13% from a year earlier. 
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Signs of Hope, Even as Dentists Lag Doctors in Electronic Claim Payments

February 16, 2021
Many dentists have yet to experience the benefits of receiving insurance claim payments by ACH, but there are encouraging signs, a new report found. “Although the majority of dental payments are made via a paper check, the industry is seeing an uptick in the number of electronic dental payments, specifically for dental providers who have historically been hesitant to trust the exchange of electronic funds,” noted the 2020 CAQH Index. The eighth annual Index, released Feb.

Dental Case Study - Dr. Mark MiHalo

June 8, 2020
When Dr. Mark MiHalo first began practicing dentistry, claims had to be mailed in, and then he waited for checks. But with the ease of today's electronic payments, there's no reason to look back. Download the case study

Dental Case Study - Dr. Sara Stuefen

March 23, 2020
Dr. Sara Stuefen is a big fan of EFT payments. She knows they're quick and convenient. And insurance companies that try to make her take a Virtual Credit Card learn this dentist won't stand for it. 

Dental Case Study - Dr. Amy Adair

February 10, 2020
Why does Northern Virginia dentist Dr. Amy Adair like electronic claim payments via ACH? And what happened when an insurer tried sending virtual credit cards? Nacha's case study shows why EFT payments is the way to go for healthcare professionals.