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Article April 23, 2021
Read our case study to see how the steward of the ACH Network is putting the power of ACH behind its accounts payable and accounts receivable.
Article April 1, 2021

You want more ACH payments from your customers because ACH:

Article March 17, 2021
ACH payments provide clear benefits compared to check payments. If your company currently does not send ACH payments to vendors/suppliers, you can contact your bank for recommendations on how to get started with sending ACH payments. 
Landing Page July 16, 2020
Tap into the ACH Network and use Direct Deposit and Direct Payment to free up time, money and energy to help you grow your business. Quickly and easily process payroll and pay bills, while ensuring your cash flow remains consistent and easy to forecast.
Product April 6, 2015

These Direct Payment via ACH Authorization forms are for companies looking for generic authorization forms that market ACH benefits to consumers. The forms are 3-5/8" x 7", tri-fold and perforated.