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API Standardization is Key

API standardization is key to creating efficiency and interoperability in financial services. That’s where Afinis Interoperability Standards comes in.

About Afinis

Afinis unites diverse, global stakeholders to bring intelligent innovations to market to advance efficiency, surety, security and interoperability throughout the financial services industry.

Afinis Interoperability Standards is a membership-based standards governance organization under the Nacha umbrella that brings together diverse collaborators – through innovative and agile processes – to develop implementable, interoperable, and portable financial services standards across operating environments and platforms. Afinis brings together thought leaders and leading technologists from financial institutions, fintechs and solution providers, businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations to rapidly develop API products through use of Afinis’ platform for standardized API product discovery, application testing, and developer collaboration.

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Learn, Test and Deploy APIs

Learn about the standardized APIs. Register for an account to check out an API. Use the sandbox to experiment and test against the provided test data. Collaborate with others and provide feedback.