June 26, 2019


Preferred Partner for Compliance/Risk and Fraud Prevention


LSEG Risk Intelligence is a Nacha Preferred Partner for Compliance and Risk and Fraud with a focus on risk and fraud prevention.

LSEG Risk Intelligence provides a suite of solutions to help organizations efficiently navigate risks, avoid reputational damage, reduce fraud and ensure legal and regulatory compliance around the globe.

With LSEG Account Verification (previously GIACT), you can verify accounts quickly and seamlessly – and transact with confidence. Our industry leading payments and identity fraud prevention solutions offer innovative technology solutions that protect companies and their customers from payments and identity fraud. So you can operate more efficiently, more effectively and more confidently. Take advantage of a world of possibilities, while we protect you from a world of risks

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Description of how LSEG Risk Intelligence advances the ACH Network:

Enhanced Security and Fraud Prevention: LSEG Risk Intelligence identity verification and fraud prevention solutions help financial institutions and businesses reduce the risk of fraudulent ACH transactions. By ensuring that ACH payments are initiated by legitimate account holders, LSEG Risk Intelligence's services contribute to the network's overall security. Compliance Support: LSEG Risk Intelligence assists organizations in maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements related to ACH transactions. This includes identity verification processes that help meet the customer due diligence (CDD) and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements, which are essential for ACH transactions.  Reduced Unauthorized Transactions: By validating the identities of individuals initiating ACH transactions, LSEG Risk Intelligence's solutions can help prevent unauthorized or fraudulent ACH transactions, reducing the incidence of unauthorized debits and credits within the network. Improved Customer Experience: Identity verification solutions offered by LSEG Risk Intelligence help streamline onboarding processes for businesses and financial institutions. This results in a smoother experience for customers, making it easier for them to initiate and receive ACH payments. 

View webinar from GIACT, an LSEG business: Securing Transactions: Enhancing Fraud Prevention with Streamlined Account Verification

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