April 28, 2019


Preferred Partner for Compliance/Risk and Fraud Prevention/ACH Experience

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For over 40 years, MicroBilt has been a pioneer in providing innovative consumer data and risk management services. As a leading Credit Reporting Agency (CRA), they specialize in offering a wide range of traditional and proprietary credit data solutions through secure APIs and web portals. MicroBilt's commitment lies in enabling seamless transactions for businesses and consumers alike, backed by an exceptional service team dedicated to connecting companies with their target customers. Trusted in financial services technology, MicroBilt focuses on enhancing payments, processing services, risk and compliance, and customer insights.

Benefits of a Nacha Partnership:

MicroBilt is at the forefront of enhancing the payment ecosystem. With over 40 years of experience in risk management and account verification, their partnership with Nacha underscores their commitment to driving innovation and security in ACH payments. Their Risk Verification Database exemplifies their dedication to providing businesses with the tools they need to manage risk effectively and improve transaction quality.

How MicroBilt helps advance the ACH Network:

MicroBilt advances the ACH Network through a suite of innovative solutions focused on compliance, risk and fraud prevention, and enhancing the ACH payment experience. Their compliance tools ensure businesses seamlessly adhere to Nacha Operating Rules, facilitating a smooth transition in response to regulatory changes and maintaining uninterrupted operations. By offering advanced risk and fraud prevention technologies, MicroBilt equips companies with the insights and data necessary to safeguard their transactions against fraudulent activities, thereby reinforcing the security and integrity of the ACH Network. Additionally, MicroBilt’s efforts to improve the ACH payment process eliminate friction and increase efficiency, benefiting both businesses and their customers with smoother and more reliable transactions. Through these strategic initiatives, MicroBilt significantly contributes to the evolution and optimization of the ACH Network, ensuring it remains a secure, efficient, and compliant system for electronic payments.

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