January 27, 2023

Shola Richards and the Value of a Kind and Civil Workplace

“Psychological safety is the No. 1 component of a healthy organization.” That is a central message from Shola Richards, author of “Making Work Work: The Positivity Solution for Any Work Environment.” Richards will be the Tuesday morning keynote speaker for Smarter Faster Payments 2023, taking place April 16-19 in Las Vegas. The keynote is graciously sponsored by Fiserv.

And Richards exuded his positive energy as he sat down with Nacha’s Payments SmartCast to provide some insights about how focusing on kindness and positivity is critical to an organization’s success.

“When employees can raise their hand and say things like ‘I need help’ without the fear of being shamed or embarrassed, then they feel like their issues matter and they’re being taken seriously,” Richards stressed.

For Richards, investing in a positive culture centered on kindness and compassion is not just “fluffy.” As Richards discussed, creating a kindness-centered culture ultimately benefits the organization itself. It makes employees show up on time and work extra hours when needed. When employees are valued, they represent their employers well on social media and outside the company and ensure they are the best stewards of their employer in any way they can.

Richards talked about how far too many organizations attempt to use fear as a motivator. Although relying on a culture of fear may drive some short-term outcomes, ultimately, it is a “primitive, lazy, and quite frankly, an ineffective way to lead others,” according to Richards.

“Kindness and civility are the fastest ways to get the outcomes in the workplace that you’re desiring,” said Richards.

And Richards’ key to success for everyone from senior executives to those just starting in their careers: “lean into civility.”

“Put fear to the side somewhere else because it’s not what we need to change the world in a positive way,” Richards concluded.

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