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The Cybersecurity & Payments AI Project Team (formerly known as the Cybersecurity Response Project Team) develops tools and resources to help organizations understand evolving threats related to potential cyberattacks. The team will also be focusing on artificial intelligence.

Latest Update

The project team released the Security Incident Response Procedure Guide for Companies, a free tool to help organizations address suspected data breaches. The Guide provides steps for evaluating incidents and determining necessary notifications to stakeholders, including customers and regulators. Emphasizing the importance of a prompt response, it offers time-sensitive actions to mitigate breach impacts and costs. The document can be tailored to fit specific organizational needs and integrated into comprehensive disaster recovery and incident response plans.

2023 Update

As part of the Alliance’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month activities, the project team released a new tabletop exercise to help small to medium-sized businesses prepare for a cyberattack. The exercise is being offered as part of the Alliance’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month activities.

The objectives of the tabletop exercise are to increase organizational preparedness, response, and recovery efforts related to cyberattacks, advance the understanding of management and key internal and external stakeholders, provide actionable approaches for leadership to direct and bolster the organization’s resilience and identify enhancements requiring attention from company leadership. The exercise also establishes a framework for compliance by fostering understanding of the laws, regulations and rules that apply, making it easier for participating companies to implement programs that can address the company’s obligations.

The kit includes the Tabletop Exercise Leader’s Guide for facilitators, which covers planning, conducting, and evaluating the exercise and responses, providing a framework that can be adaptable to a variety of cybersecurity threats.  It also includes a Cybersecurity Scenario, containing a set of facts for the exercise, which can be customized by the company as appropriate, a Participant Workbook for capturing notes during the exercise and a Leader’s Guide for Evaluating the Tabletop Scenario. The initial exercise focuses on ransomware, with additional scenarios being released in the coming months.

Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Additional Resources

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