September 15, 2021

Alliance Project Team Designing the Future of Payments Education

The future is now – or at least is in the works. Nacha’s new Alliance Project Team kicked off and has designed a plan for the first Faster Payments Professional Certificate. The team is on track to launch the program in early 2022.

Nacha announced that the Payments Innovation Alliance is developing the FPP in conjunction with the Payments Associations. The FPP will allow payments professionals to demonstrate proficiency in the field of faster payments.

FPP Announcement

Faster Payments Professional Certificate Program

First of its kind in the industry, the program will provide payments professionals a holistic view of faster payments, including current offerings – such as Same Day ACH and RTP® – relevant standards, legal perspectives and more, while providing those who complete the program with additional expertise in these areas.

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Industry participants interested in helping design the certificate program, including what it will take for professionals to earn and maintain the FPP certificate, can join the Alliance and its new project team. [ link join project team] [link join the alliance]

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Interested in earning the FPP Certificate when it’s available? Sign up for information, and we’ll keep you updated once the program is available for enrollment.

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