Crypto and ACH: An Up and Coming Pair


Samantha Carrier

Samantha Carrier

Senior Director, Emerging Strategic Initiatives


The vast majority of cryptocurrency companies and platforms are increasingly interested in ACH. While at first glance it might not seem like a natural pairing, the synergy comes into focus for one prime reason: ACH gives a competitive edge. 

Nacha Consulting is seeing this more and more, and is helping crypto platforms to both establish ACH programs and get a solid—and compliant—footing in the space. 

Many crypto exchanges are now heavily dependent on wires for clients to move dollars in and out of their crypto wallets. They know that ACH costs significantly less than wires, and that offering it as a highly reliable, less expensive option will appeal to both consumer and institutional clients.

Additionally, misconceptions about ACH linger among some crypto platforms and their customers, particularly about the speed at which ACH payments can be made. Same Day ACH provides the opportunity to settle transactions three times a day. Payments of up to $100,000 can be made using Same Day ACH, and that limit will jump to $1 million in March 2022. This is in addition to standard, next-day ACH processing.

At the same time, a lot goes in to creating a successful ACH program. The ACH Network prides itself on being one of the safest payment methods available. Crypto companies, while a unique market segment, have the same obligations as every other participant on the ACH Network. Compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules is crucial. Maintaining robust risk management, fraud controls, transaction monitoring, and know your customer protocols are also important pieces of the puzzle.  

Most crypto platforms recognize this and want to be on the straight and narrow. But they also know they need guidance on making it happen. That’s where Nacha Consulting comes in. We’re working with more clients in the crypto space than ever before, guiding them through the steps that must be taken to develop a safe, successful ACH program for their customers. 

With expertise in ACH and all things payments, Nacha Consulting can help navigate unchartered waters for crypto businesses. Visit and schedule a free 15-minute consultation.