August 02, 2022

Enhancements You’ll Find in Nacha’s Risk Management Portal


Michael W. Kahn

Michael W. Kahn


You asked. We listened. Enhancements made!

The next time you visit Nacha’s Risk Management Portal you’ll find several changes which are the direct results of industry input. 

It starts right at the login page. If you get an error message it now includes an explanation that your Portal login credentials are different than the ones for 

Once you’re in you’ll find some changes to the FAQ page, because some questions now get asked more frequently. That includes questions and answers about the Nested Third-Party Senders Rule taking effect Sept. 30.

Several enhancements involve the ACH Contact Registry. Many participants said they need more characters in the Financial Institution Notes Field. Now, 500 characters are allowed, up from 200.

The success of the Registry is due in no small part to the willingness of participants to add extra contacts. Several organizations asked for the ability to add optional contacts for International ACH (IAT) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) matters. Now you can.

The Create Contact button is now more prevalent in the Registry, and each contact can now have a phone extension of up to six digits. 

Finally, more people from your organization can have access to the Portal, with two administrators and eight users now permitted. 

“As always, Nacha is here to help with any issues you have, and we’re happy to hear your suggestions,” said Jeanette A. Fox, Nacha Senior Director, Risk Investigations & ACH Network Risk Management. “Risk management is crucial to all organizations, and the Risk Management Portal plays a vital role in keeping the ACH Network safe.” 

You can reach the Nacha Portal Support Line at 703-349-4556, or email support at