August 24, 2021

Enjoy Some Comedy, a Drink, and Maybe Win a Gift Card

Smarter Faster Payments Remote Connect Aug. 23-26

Event Information: Sponsored by NEACH Payments Group
Wednesday, Aug. 25 | 4:30 PM ET

New England Ice Tea

L’chaim! Proost! Cheers! However you offer a toast, be sure to bring a glass to raise as you join us tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. ET for the NEACH Payments Group Comedy Show. We also have a cocktail and mocktail recipe so you can imbibe New England-style while watching the show. (Download recipe card.)

Comedian Adam Mamawala will bring some fun to your afternoon. And since the learning part of the day will be done by then, why not fix yourself NEACH Payments Group’s Signature Cocktail: New England Iced Tea.

NEACH Payments Group has two recipes—one with some booze and one without.

Selfie Contest

Whichever recipe you choose, be sure to have a glass or two on hand. But before drinking up, please snap a selfie with your New England Iced Tea and post it to Twitter tagging @NEACHPymtsGroup. If you do, you could be one of three winners of a VISA eGift Card for $100 each from your friends at NEACH Payments Group. As if you need an incentive to enjoy a refreshment after a great day of learning and networking.

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