March 24, 2020

How Financial Institutions and Payments Associations Can Help Nonprofit Clients During the Coronavirus Outbreak

As social distancing has become necessary of late, and is likely to last a while, nonprofits and especially religious organizations face a serious problem: How to retain donations coming in on a regular basis when religious services and other fundraising events cannot take place in-person.

Financial institutions and other service providers are perfectly positioned to help their nonprofit clients generate a sustained donation stream through recurring ACH payments.

Direct withdrawal via ACH helps to retain and cultivate recurring donors. ACH removes the hassle often associated with credit/debit cards because there are no expiration dates with direct withdrawal via ACH. ACH also eliminates the need to store and handle paper checks. 

Additionally, direct withdrawal via ACH reduces fees and resources spent on processing donations made by credit/debit cards and paper checks, allowing donors’ resources to more fully support the mission. And when donors cannot be present at services, direct withdrawal via ACH ensures their donations continue.

Looking for a way to share the message about the benefits of direct withdrawal via ACH? Nacha’s Nonprofit Toolkit has a number of resources including case studies, FAQs and white label resources to help nonprofits reiterate key message points while offering easy-to-use templates. Also available are sample donor letters, emails for fund drives, renewal documents, and more.

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