Same Day ACH Sets a Record in July, Exceeds 1 Million Payments a Day


Michael W. Kahn

Michael W. Kahn


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Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean everything moves at a slower pace. Certainly not Same Day ACH, which set a record in July. It’s the first month in which Same Day ACH payment volume averaged more than 1 million payments per day.

With 21 processing days, more than 22.9 million payments were made using Same Day ACH in July. Total value exceeded $22.8 billion. 

One of the bedrocks of Same Day ACH continues to be Direct Deposits for payroll and other disbursements to consumers. There were close to 7.3 million payments in that category last month. And with a jump of more than 140% over the past year, it’s the fastest growing category of Same Day ACH payments.

It’s part of a steady climb for Same Day ACH, which debuted for credits in September 2016 and added debits a year later. 

“Next month marks not only the third anniversary of Same Day ACH, but also the start of an enhancement to make funds available sooner in the day for many Same Day and other ACH credits,” said Jane Larimer, Nacha President and CEO. 

“In fewer than three years we have exceeded 400 million Same Day ACH payments worth more than $397 billion,” added Larimer. “It’s further proof that the ACH Network is—and will continue to be—a vital part of the nation’s payments system.”