April 22, 2020

The State of Nacha and ACH


Jane Larimer

Jane Larimer

President and CEO


Life really can—and does—change in the blink of an eye. 

Not long ago, we created a video that we were excited to share at Smarter Faster Payments 2020. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. But at Nacha we’re nothing if not nimble. In fact, Nacha’s Core Values make clear that we don’t shy away from tough problems or long odds, and we are comfortable with the discomfort of change.

In that spirit, rather than get together as we’d hoped, Smarter Faster Payments 2020 became an online “highlights” event this year, and our original video also turned into something different.

While I’m excited to have you watch our video, I’d like to tell you a little about it.

Part one was easy. 

Looking back on 2019 for what was to be our annual report afforded me the opportunity to talk about some of the things I’m most proud of: Nacha’s accomplishments. 

Of course, a good part of that includes the growth of the modern ACH Network. But along with being a payments leader, Nacha does so much more. Our rule-writing expertise extends well beyond payments, and we are creating new technologies and resources that broadly enhance financial services. From the Faster Payments Playbook, to the ACH Quick Start Tool, to the introduction of Phixius, it was a busy year. 

Part two of the video was a little trickier. 

When you watch you’ll see that I joined the ranks of Stephen Colbert, Robin Roberts and others in trading a professional studio for a home setup, the result of COVID-19. 

Nacha’s work continues, and there is so much that we will accomplish in 2020, even if the pandemic has led us to adapt and change some immediate priorities. 

On what would traditionally be Tax Day, April 15, the ACH Network was busy moving more than 80 million stimulus payments into Americans’ bank accounts through Direct Deposit. And should the federal government decide to make another round of stimulus payments, the ACH Network is ready to handle those as well. Likewise, the ACH Network is getting unemployment compensation Direct Deposited, so the people who need it have it as soon as possible. 

The ACH Network enables companies and individuals to pay bills from home offices, and religious groups to receive donations electronically, even when houses of worship are physically closed. 

While the national emergency has altered much of how we live, there are two things that remain unchanged: The ACH Network continues to function normally, and Nacha remains nimble. 

Another Nacha Core Value is that we are made up of amazing individuals who take pride in their work and who are accountable. I’m proud of Nacha—both the people who work here and the people we serve—and I invite you to watch our video.

Watch part one of the video:

Watch part two of the video: