May 27, 2020

Webinar: The American Economy Runs on ACH, Says Mercator Advisory Group White Paper


Shanon Murray

Shanon Murray


The ACH Network is woven into the daily payment activity of American consumers, businesses and government, says a Mercator Advisory Group white paper published today titled, “The Expanding Role of ACH in the Era of Faster Payments.”

To review the paper, Mercator is hosting a complimentary webinar featuring Michael Herd, Nacha’s Senior Vice President of ACH Network Administration, and Sarah Grotta, Mercator’s Director of Debit and Alternative Products Advisory Service and author of the white paper, on Thursday, June 4, at 1 p.m. EST.

Herd and Grotta will discuss the paper’s findings, as well as take an in-depth look at key attributes of the ACH Network that allow it to take a leading role in the continuum of faster payments, including its ubiquity and efficiency, the Same Day ACH capability, and Nacha’s governance.

The paper also highlights how – as payments become faster – ACH supports the future of the industry with Same Day ACH, while providing the money-movement infrastructure for many other payment products.

According the white paper:

When you receive your payroll on payday through direct deposit, you likely don’t give it a second thought. You know with certainty that the deposit transaction will be in your account on the assigned day. When a mortgage or car insurance payment is due, it is likely to be automatic too, accomplished through a direct debit and providing you the peace of mind that these critical bills have been paid on time, every time. 

Register for the complimentary webinar here. Download the white paper here