March 19, 2021

The ACH Network Is Thriving

The ACH is a Faster Payments Leader

Ongoing adoption shows that Same Day ACH is a significant contributor to meeting the demand for faster payments by banks and their customers. The expansion of Same Day ACH continues in 2021 and 2022 with extended hours and higher dollar limits.

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The ACH is Thriving

Payment volume on the ACH Network experienced record growth in 2020, moving 26.8 billion payments worth $61.9 trillion. A record of more than two billion new payments were added.

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The ACH is a National Resource During the Pandemic

As the world was turned upside-down by COVID-19, the modern ACH Network rose to the challenge to help keep vital payments moving quickly and accurately among banks and American consumers, businesses and government agencies—including hundreds of millions of Direct Deposits for economic impact payments, unemployment benefits, and more.

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