ACH Network Volume Statistics

The ACH Network saw a remarkable year in 2019 as the annual growth rate reached a 12-year high. There were 24.7 billion payments on the ACH Network, an increase of 7.7% over 2018. The value of those payments was $55.8 trillion, up nearly 9% from 2018. It was the seventh consecutive year in which ACH Network value increased by more than $1 trillion, and the fifth straight year to notch a volume gain of more than 1 billion payments. 

Business-to-business (B2B) payments continued to be a solid growth area for the ACH Network, increasing 12% last year to 4 billion payments. Direct Deposit of payroll and other payments to consumers was up 6% to 7.2 billion payments, while internet payments rose more than 13% to 6.7 billion.  Same Day ACH continued its impressive rise, finishing the year with a record 250.4 million Same Day ACH payments with a total value of $247 billion.


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