December 09, 2019


Preferred Partner for ACH Experience/Account Validation/Compliance

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Profituity is a Nacha Preferred Partner for ACH Experience with a focus on ACH enablement and NSF recovery.

The Profituity ACH platform is cloud-based enterprise software that empowers third-party payment processors and high-volume originators to facilitate ACH payments and manage returns in full regulatory compliance. The platform makes it easy to generate one-time or recurring payments, as well as automate the recovery of NSF payments through representment.

Built on an architecture leveraging Microsoft Azure, the Profituity platform is designed for scale and extensibility. The platform integrates with any business system via an API, supports processing through multiple ODFIs, and includes password-protected online user portals that enable users to provide their partners, resellers and merchants with access to intuitive payment management tools and robust and customizable reporting. The API can also be used to integrate reporting data with a user’s software or website.  Additional enhancements include a mobile app for verifying and converting checks to ACH, and the award-winning MACH1 mobile app that makes it easy for self-employed service providers to send bills and get paid.

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