December 09, 2020


Preferred Partner for Compliance/Risk and Fraud Prevention/ACH Experience

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ValidiFI is a leading provider of predictive bank account and payment intelligence. Leveraging the Omni Platform, ValidiFI empowers organizations and financial institutions with actionable insights to help validate bank accounts, detect fraud, and assess credit risk. By analyzing the intricate connections between bank accounts, consumers, and payment performance, ValidiFI offers a more comprehensive view.

Benefits of a Nacha Partnership:

As a Nacha Preferred Partner, ValidiFI can help unlock the power of predictive bank account and payment intelligence through credentialed and non-credentialed solutions, enabling more confident transactions:

vAccount - a non-credentialed solution that validates bank accounts in real-time so you can quickly confirm an account is valid, active, and ACH compliant to meet Nacha’s WEB debit rule.

vAccount Plus – a non-credentialed solution that meets Nacha’s WEB debit rule and unlocks additional valuable insights to provide a deeper understanding of transaction patterns, account stability, and payment performance.

vAuth – a credentialed solution that confirms an account is valid within seconds using real-time microdeposits vs the traditional 3–4-day processing time.

vConnect – a credentialed solution that confirms access to user’s bank accounts through an intuitive login interface. with consumer-permissioned transactional data through an intuitive login interface.

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