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Leverage these additional resources and tools to enhance your payments education.
Publications & Store

Nacha produces the Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines and other payment-related publications, guides, and training materials in hard copy and digital formats. Browse offerings and product bundles to save and improve your expertise on relevant industry topics. 

ACH Quick Start Tool: B2B

Paying supplier invoices, bills and other business expenses via ACH, as well as getting paid via ACH for the goods and services you sell ― instead of by check ― is safe, reliable and will save your business time and money. Leverage this tool for your business to learn how to pay or get paid electronically using ACH.

ACH Quick Start Tool: B2C

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic payment network connecting every bank and credit union in the U.S. The ACH Network annually moves 23 billion payments and more than $51 trillion over a wide range of transaction types, including business-to-consumer (B2C) payments. Leverage this tool for your business to learn how to pay customers or get paid electronically using ACH.

Faster Payments Playbook

Think about it from concept to reality. The Faster Payments Playbook is both an educational and decisioning platform that will help organizations develop a faster payments strategy.

ACH Developers Guide

This Payments Innovation Alliance project team published a web resource for developers who need to code to the Nacha Operating Rules format, but are not Rules experts. The Guide for Developers includes background information on the ACH Network, ACH file formats, scenarios for using specific data elements, and information on where to find additional details in the Rules. Leverage this tool for your development.

Conversational Payments & Cybersecurity Response (CPCR)

The Conversational Payments team addresses the emerging channel where consumers use voice assistants, smart speakers and other devices and technology to conduct banking or make payments. The team recently finished publishing a series of Executive Briefs on the topic. Please download and share these important resources.