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If you have questions, Nacha has answers! Our new Help Center features answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, as well as links to additional resources. It’s a great place to find more information about Nacha Rules, the ACH Network, your account and so much more.


Looking for information on Direct Deposit, the ACH Network or your electronic payments? Visit our Consumer FAQs.

My Profile
How do I change my profile information on the Nacha website?

You can edit your profile by clicking on My Account after you login.


How do I manage my email preferences?

Define the communications you're interested in receiving from Nacha.

I created an account and having issues logging into the website. What do I do next?

Please note: Login credentials may be different for certain Nacha websites. Please hit "Forgot Password" if trying to login to these Nacha websites.

What profile options does Nacha provide?

Please review our privacy policy for detailed information.

What is an MDC code and do I need it?

The MDC is the Member Discount Code that the Payments Associations give to their members every calendar year. To receive your MDC, please contact your Payments Association directly for this year’s MDC. Once they verify your organization’s membership, they will provide you with their current MDC, which will then need to be saved in your user profile at This code will expire at the end of each calendar year.

If you see member pricing on payments events or publications, then you do not need to take further action to enter your MDC Code to proceed with check out. Simply select member pricing prior to check out.

How do I access member-only resources?

If you are a member of one of Nacha's membership programs, you have access to these resource pages. (Note: you must be logged in to access)

Nacha Operating Rules
How do I find a Nacha Operating Rule?

Visit our webpage to see the full list of all Nacha Operating Rules. 

How do I access the Nacha Operating Rules website and how do I log in?

Please note, full access to the Nacha Operating Rules Online website content requires a subscription code. The Nacha Operating Rules Online website is separate from the website and requires a separate account/login credentials. 

  • If you have a Nacha Operating Rules Online subscription code, please access the user instructions to assist with creating an account and claiming your subscription code to access the current Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines content. 
  • If you need a Nacha Operating Rules Online subscription code, please visit the to purchase.  You will receive an email containing the user instructions and full access subscription code(s) in the quantity purchased.  

If you need further assistance with an existing account or establishing an account, please access the FAQs and/or Help sections on the Nacha Operating Rules Online website. 

How else can I get updates on the Nacha Operating Rules?

Sign up for Rules News and Risk Management Tools to receive timely email updates on Nacha Operating Rules changes.  

Any corporate or governmental organizations can register for a free webinar held every quarter, "Upcoming Nacha Operating Rules and How They Affect End Users". 

In addition, all Nacha membership programs offer more information on Quarterly Rules Update calls. Contact for more information.

If you have a specific question about the Nacha Operating Rules, please visit and fill out our request form.

Risk Management Portal & Contact Registry
How do I log into the Risk Management Portal?

Please note your email and password credentials for the Risk Management Portal website is different than the login for the Nacha website.

What else is included in the Risk Management Portal?

Login to the Risk Management Portal for access to:

  • ACH Contact Registry
  • Third-Party Sender Registration
  • Terminated Originator Database (TOD)
  • Direct Access Status Registration

Access the Risk Management Portal and ACH Contact Registry

How do I report my accreditation continuing education credits?

Accredited ACH Professionals (AAP)

Learn more about maintaining your credential at:
Maintain your AAP

Accredited Payments Risk Professionals 

Learn more about maintaining your credential at:
Maintain your APRP

How do I register for an accreditation exam?

Visit the respective exam webpage for a link to register for the exam. Or you can visit the Events page and filter by Accrediation Exams. 

Register before late fees begin to save.

How much does it cost to register for an accreditation exam?
Where can I get accreditation exam training?

Reach out to your Payments Association for training opportunities. Complement your training with these Nacha events and resources.

The Payments Institute
Register for TPI On Campus for in-person learning or TPI Home School for in-depth virtual education.

Accreditation resources in the Nacha Store
Browse the Nacha Store for additional resources to enhance your exam prep.

Let us help you. Contact us with your questions.

Corporate Resources

From small to large business, to nonprofit, religious and governmental organizations, Nacha has a variety of resources and education for you.

Don't forget to visit the ACH Rules for Treasury, Finance and Payroll Professionals Resource Center for additional information.


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Event registration

Having problems with online event registration? 

If you are experiencing issues to complete online event registration, you can call Nacha at 703-561-1100 or 800-487-9180.

You can also email to ask questions about the status of your registration.