January 09, 2020

ACH Operations Bulletin #1-2020: Effective Date of New Same Day ACH Window is Confirmed


The March 19, 2021 effective date for the new Same Day ACH processing window is confirmed.  


Nacha Rules Ballot #1-2018, Expanding Access to Same Day ACH, provided for the creation of a third, daily Same Day ACH processing window to be established by the ACH Operators.[1]  The rule was approved on September 13, 2018 with overwhelming support. 

The ballot provided that the effective date was contingent on receiving notification from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (“Fed Board”) of changes to Federal Reserve services necessary to support the new Same Day ACH processing window.  On December 23, 2019, the Fed Board issued a public notice that provides for these services, also to become effective on March 19, 2021.[2] 

All depository financial institutions should plan and prepare for the implementation of the new Same Day ACH hours and processing window.  Financial institutions are strongly encouraged to participate in file testing with their ACH Operator(s), and to take advantage of education and training resources provided by their Payment Association(s). Additional information and resources on Same Day ACH are available through Nacha’s Same Day ACH Resource Center, at https://www.nacha.org/resource-landing/same-day-ach-resource-center

This ACH Operations Bulletin #1-2020 updates the previous ACH Operations Bulletin #2-2019 of March 11, 2019. 

[1] See the description of the rule in Supplement #1-2018 to the NACHA Operating Rules, or at https://www.nacha.org/rules/expanding-same-day-ach.  
[2] See https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/pressreleases/other20191223a.htm  

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