June 01, 2021

Been to Nacha’s Corporates Resource Center Lately? New Resources are Available

If it’s been a while since you visited Nacha’s Resource Center for Corporates you should take a look. There’s a lot there you and your customers can use.

At the top you’ll immediately spot two new videos, one on how the Nacha Operating Rules are made and another on learning more about Nacha’s Request for Comment procedures. They’re short—really, each is a minute. Like what you see? You’ll find a link from the Resource Center to Nacha’s YouTube channel for more short videos on other topics including new Rules such as Account Validation and higher dollar limits for Same Day ACH.

But we’re far from done on the Corporates Resource Center. We recently added two new End-User Briefings to our library, covering the upcoming rules on Reversals and Limitation of Warranty Claims. End User Briefings are great downloads to share with your non-ACH team members and your customers to explain new rules. 

Did you know that Nacha offers free quarterly Rules webinars for just for end users? These are great for your small- to mid-sized businesses, governments, and non-profit customers to stay current on what’s going on in ACH Rules. If they missed our May 5 webinar there’s a link to the recording from the Resource Center. Please encourage your customers to sign up for the next webinar on August 4. 

Last but not least is our Rules News email, which is just what it sounds like. Your customers can sign up in the Resource Center and get the latest on Nacha Operating Rules changes delivered to their inbox. 

Visit Nacha's Resource Center for Corporates

There’s a wealth of new materials at Nacha’s Resource Center for Corporates. Our latest blog takes a look at some of the recent additions. Payments Associations should also feel free to share the blog with their members, who could find it helpful.

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