April 30, 2024

Exclusive Remote Connect Keynote to Focus on Resiliency, Accountability

Sheen podcast image

Remote Connect is a great option for folks wanting first-rate payments education in the comfort of their home or office. Along with the more than 35 sessions, the online version will feature an exclusive keynote by Alex Sheen, founder of “because I said I would,” a nonprofit that describes itself as being “dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept.”

Sheen recently joined Nacha’s PaymentsSmartcast Podcast for a preview of his June 10 presentation, which he said will have a focus on resiliency.

“Everything comes down to resiliency skills—and that’s not really something we really focus on in the American education experience,” said Sheen.

“We’re all going to run into some hardship, and we’re going to need to know anger management, and stress management, and how to hold ourselves accountable,” he said. “We don’t actually learn those programmatically.”

Sheen said much of his story centers around the resiliency of his late father, who at one point was down to his last 26 cents.

“My dad had his resiliency skills because he had no one else in this country to lean on in that way,” said Sheen, who spoke about his father’s resiliency at his funeral in a eulogy title “because I said I would.”

Accountability is another key focus in his presentation, with Sheen noting that taking accountability sometimes means that “the person getting dinged is me.” He attributes his high accountability threshold to having “high self-esteem. I have developed resiliency skills, mental health habits.”

“The reason why I can take accountability, and can take that damage, is because I’ve got extra self-esteem to give away.”

Listen to the podcast here.

Learn more about Alex Sheen and because I said I would on their website.

Complete details on Remote Connect, June 10-12, are available on the conference website.