July 01, 2021

Make Your Mark on the New Faster Payments Professional Certificate


Jane Larimer

Jane Larimer

President and CEO


Ground floor opportunities don’t come around often, but this is one that payments professionals should seriously consider.

The Faster Payments Professional certificate, or FPP, is a unique new program being crafted to meet today’s needs, and we’d like your input. 

Faster payments are here to stay; the success of Same Day ACH, RTP® and other faster payments speak to that, with more innovations on the way. There’s a lot to get caught up on, and to keep up with. With the landscape constantly changing, the payments industry’s need for expertise in this increasingly important segment is only going to grow. 

That’s where the FPP certificate program comes in. FPP will provide the expertise required to not just keep pace with faster payments, but to stay a step ahead. That’s possible because of the power behind the FPP: Nacha, our Payments Innovation Alliance, and the Payments Associations.

Nacha and the PAs are the gold standard in payments education, annually helping more than 4,000 Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs) and nearly 500 Accredited Payments Risk Professionals (APRPs) sharpen their skills. The Payments Innovation Alliance brings together stakeholders from across the faster payments landscape.

Best of all, as development of the FPP gets underway, here’s a chance to make your mark. We’re looking for folks who want to help shape the FPP. This is your chance to step up and have a say in the program, including what will be required to earn and maintain the certificate. It’s a true ground floor opportunity, open to employees of any organization that’s a member of the Payments Innovation Alliance. 

Professionals who earn their AAP accreditation show that they have taken their ACH knowledge and expertise to a higher level. Those with APRP accreditation demonstrate the same things about risk management across all payment types. Come 2022, earning the FPP certificate will make a similar strong statement about your faster payments proficiency. Help make your mark on this exciting new program.

To get involved in the development of the FPP program, Alliance member should go here to sign up.

Not an Alliance member? Learn about joining.

Learn more about the FPP program at Nacha.org/FPP.