October 25, 2019

Nacha Announces Dwolla as a Preferred Partner for ACH Technology

Preferred Partner logo with Background

Dwolla is now a Nacha Preferred Partner for ACH Technology.

In becoming a Nacha Preferred Partner, Dwolla joins a select group of innovators contributing to Nacha’s strategic efforts in support of the ACH payments ecosystem by removing friction, increasing ease, improving cash flow accessibility and efficiency, as well as supporting sound risk management and security for ACH payments. 

“The ACH Network is thriving and our Preferred Partners play a key role in building the modern network,” said Jane Larimer, Nacha President and CEO. “We are proud to welcome Dwolla, which has a keen focus on the value of a digital infrastructure to securely exchange money.”  

Dwolla, through its innovative API for ACH payment initiation, connects businesses to the ACH Network to originate payments within the U.S. They reliably facilitate the movement of millions of dollars every day with easy automation. Additionally, Dwolla was nominated for Nacha’s Excellence in Payments Award at Payments 2019.

“We are proud to be a Nacha Preferred Partner,” said Stephanie Atkin, Vice President of Marketing at Dwolla. “We believe working with like-minded organizations helps strengthen the ACH Network and keeps money moving quickly, easily and affordably.”

To learn more about Dwolla and Nacha’s Preferred Partner Program, visit www.nacha.org/Preferred-Partner

About Nacha

Nacha is a nonprofit organization that convenes hundreds of diverse organizations to enhance and enable ACH payments and financial data exchange within the U.S. and across geographies. Through the development of rules, standards, governance, education, advocacy, and in support of innovation, Nacha’s efforts benefit all stakeholders. Nacha is the steward of the ACH Network, a payment system that universally connects all U.S. bank accounts and facilitates the movement of money and information. In 2018, there were 27 billion ACH payments, and more than $51 trillion in value moved across the ACH Network. Nacha also leads groups focused on API standardization and B2B payment enablement. Visit nacha.org for more information, and connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

About Dwolla

Dwolla, Inc. is a financial technology company that is changing the way businesses send and receive funds. The company offers a seamless, white-label API platform to connect to the ACH Network to initiate payments.

Since 2008, when Dwolla began creating the ideal platform to move money, the company has helped move billions of dollars for millions of end-users annually for businesses of all shapes and sizes; in addition, Dwolla has been mentioned in Inc., Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Businesses that need to efficiently send or receive money and are ready for the future either use Dwolla—or they should. Learn more at https://www.dwolla.com/.