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Same Day ACH Origination: Delivering a Competitive Advantage

January 3, 2017

Community banks and credit unions remain diligent in their efforts to stay competitive in the evolving financial services industry.

“If your franchise means anything to you, you have to be relevant in payments,” said Bob Steen, CEO, Bridge Community Bank. “If you lose your payment relationship, you don’t have a franchise, because your customers can get a mortgage online, a car loan from a car dealer, and so on. If they don’t need you for payments, they don’t need you.”

Download the case study for more insights from Bridge Community Bank's experience.

Case Study 

Same Day ACH today: UMB Shares Its Experience to Date

December 16, 2016
The following article has been reposted with permission from the Federal Reserve Banks’ December 2016 issue of FedFocus. UMB Bank NA of Kansas City, Missouri (UMB) was ready for Same Day ACH Phase 1 on day one. UMB Financial Corporation (Off-site Link), a diversified financial holding company, originated more than 69 million Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions in 2015, making it the 25th largest ACH originator that year.1 We spoke with UMB Vice President and Payments Group Manager Tristan Thompson about UMB’s experience with Same Day ACH, past and present.

New Report: US Finds Its Faster Payments Future

December 12, 2016

Faster Payments are finally live in the U.S. with Same Day ACH, but that’s just the start. For the latest Faster Payments Tracker™, PYMNTS spoke with ACI’s Barry Kislingbury, director of solution consulting, and WA Proctor, vice president and product line manager, to compare the U.S. versus the U.K. and what each can learn from the other. Find that, along with headlines from around the space, in the latest Tracker.


Same Day ACH Transaction Volume October 2016

November 15, 2016

Same Day ACH, an industry initiative to move payments faster, was responsible for 3.8 million transactions in October, totaling $4.98 billion with an average transaction amount of $1,303. This data shows strong use of Same Day ACH and is consistent with NACHA’s expectations based on anticipated use cases and industry dialogue. It also demonstrates how Same Day ACH serves as a new ubiquitous U.S. faster payment option that supports marketplace demands.


Can The Insurance Industry Get Aboard The Faster Payments Train?

November 8, 2016
What’s Inside Since the first phase of the Same Day ACH rollout in late September, a task force of the U.S. Federal Reserve has been busy investigating ways to enhance faster payment systems nationwide. The Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force, comprised of hundreds of members from across the payment industry, has started examining nearly 20 proposals for faster payment solutions.

Same Day ACH: Your Solution to Due Date Tax Payments

October 17, 2016

As of September 23, 2016, Same Day ACH can be an option for your tax payers. While federal taxes will not be eligible for same-day payments yet, state tax agencies can take advantage of this new payments solution. Financial institutions around the country will be able to receive Same Day ACH files, and many banks and credit unions will offer Same Day ACH origination services, allowing ACH credit payments to be made and settled on a single business day.

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