IFX Version 2.x History


IFX Version 2.2

IFX 2.2 expands the applicability of IFX to new scenarios and situations, such as mobile and Internet banking, making it more flexible and useful for financial services in the 21st century. Operational improvements and some corrections to existing material were also made.

Important extensions to IFX in Version 2.2 include:

  • Marketing support, such as features for incorporating and tracking marketing campaigns and offers
  • Valuable specific additions, such as provisions for recurring payments and issuing alerts to account holders
  • Administrative enhancements, such as loss tracking and support for card inventory management
  • Provision for parent-child account-to-account relationships
  • Added functionality for account pricing, delinquency tracking, and portfolio segmentation of customers and accounts

IFX Version 2.1

Key updates in IFX 2.1 included:

  • Support of the latest ISO 20022 payment initiation messages and improved mapping of IFX data to ISO 20022
  • Significant improvements to support for services-oriented architecture (SOA), including user-definable services and improved message header support for routing to internal and external service nodes
  • Additional support for card management capabilities, which have greatly expanded the definition of the IFX Card object (credit, debit, rewards, etc.)
  • Improved support of transaction authorizations, including multiple party authorizations
  • Important enhancements for foreign currency conversions and alternate currencies in payment scenarios
  • Improved definition of recurring models for payments, transfers and orders
  • Finalized list of deprecated items from IFX Version 1.x

IFX 2.1 also fixed errata in 2.0.