March 01, 2023

Nacha Certified Is Key for Payroll Companies to Demonstrate High Standards

From many organizations shifting to working remotely to a spike in workers changing employers, the last three years have seen dramatic shifts in the American workplace. In the ever-changing workplace environment, employers continue to rely on payroll companies to ensure Americans get paid on time, every time, while complying with national and state laws and the rules that govern payment networks.

Ninety-three percent of Americans receive their pay via Direct Deposit, meaning payroll companies need to be highly knowledgeable about the ACH Network. Payroll companies must also demonstrate they have taken the necessary steps to understand and manage risks so that hardworking Americans can continue receiving their pay seamlessly.

Becoming Nacha Certified is a clear and distinct way that a payroll processor can easily demonstrate to its clients and banking partners that it has worked and thought through the necessary processes to put proper controls in place to manage risk. It provides a level of security to themselves, the companies they serve, and ultimately the hardworking Americans who depend on these companies to get paid.

“Being Nacha Certified immediately lets potential clients know that we are actively assessing and managing risks and are complying with the Nacha Rules to safeguard our customers,” said James Paille, CPP, Chief Compliance Officer at myPay Solutions, an IRIS World Wide Company. “The Nacha Certified logo is the clearest way to communicate that your payroll company is upholding the highest standards to protect employees’ pay and keep their information secure.”

To become Nacha Certified, a payroll company must demonstrate that it has conducted both a Nacha Rules Compliance Audit and an ACH Risk Assessment and implemented a Compliance and Risk Program with detailed policies and procedures.

“Being Nacha Certified lets your current and potential clients know you are managing risks well and have the proper controls in place,” said Jordan Bennett, Senior Director of Network Risk Management at Nacha and manager of the Nacha Certified program. “Being Nacha Certified demonstrates you are thinking about clients’ needs not just for today but for the future.”

myPay Solutions is joined by CBIZ HCM, Netchex, Paychex and Paycor as payroll companies that are Nacha Certified. Other Nacha Certified Third-Party Senders include ACI Payments,, One Inc., Secure Payment System and Usio.

Nacha Certified’s webpage provides additional details, including contact information at Nacha to learn more about the program and how to earn certification.

While the workplace is constantly evolving, Americans continue to rely on Direct Deposit. Payroll companies and other Third-Party Senders are crucial partners for financial institutions and corporations. Becoming Nacha Certified is the most straightforward way to show that you have taken active steps to manage ACH risks. It provides peace of mind to your clients that their hardworking employees will continue receiving their Direct Deposit safely and when they expect it.