November 07, 2018

Nacha Announces SWBC as a Preferred Partner for ACH-Facilitated Lending Services

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HERNDON, Va. — Nov. 7, 2018 SWBC has become a Nacha Preferred Partner for ACH-Facilitated Lending Services. Nacha Preferred Partners are a select group of innovators that contribute to Nacha’s strategic efforts in support of the payments ecosystem at large by removing friction, increasing ease, cash flow accessibility and efficiency, as well as supporting sound risk management and security for ACH payments. SWBC was selected as a Preferred Partner because of its suite of products, designed exclusively for financial institutions, that facilitate efficient use of ACH payments within financial institutions’ own lending products.

“ACH offers consumers a convenient and flexible payment option for all payments, eliminating the need to write paper checks,” said Jane Larimer, chief operating officer of Nacha. “We support and encourage companies and solutions that allow financial institutions to remove friction from the payment process. SWBC, through its offerings, enables financial institutions to support their customers with the ability to make payments more directly, quickly, and efficiently.” 

SWBC provides innovative products for financial institutions and other financial services organizations. SWBC provides end-to-end solutions such as collections, new account funding, and self-service loan payments designed to maximize efficiency while ensuring compliance in today’s regulatory environment. Through its AutoPilot® Platform, financial institutions can manage all aspects of its lending services from payments to risk management.

“SWBC offers a one-stop shop for financial institutions looking to enhance management of their lending services solutions,” said Jason O’Brien, SVP of Payments at SWBC. “We provide the means for financial institutions to give their customers and members a seamless and convenient method to move funds into their accounts. Our tools make internal reconciliation and settlement operations an efficient and simplified experience. We look forward to working with Nacha to better support financial institutions and their account holders in this space.” 

SWBC, as the Preferred Partner for ACH-Facilitated Lending Services, joins a growing list of Nacha Preferred Partners working to better support the payments ecosystem including:

  • AeroPay Express for B2B Electronic Payment Enablement
  • Alacriti for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments;
  • ACI for Enabling Innovation in Payments;
  • Bottomline Technologies for B2B Payments;
  • Finastra for Enabling Innovation in Payments;
  • First Data for Digital Commerce ACH Enablement;
  • Fiserv for Payments and Financial Services;
  • High Radius for Cash Application Automation;
  • MACH1 for ACH Enablement of Micro Businesses;
  • Treasury Software for ACH Enablement and Integration; and
  • Volante for Accelerated Payments Integration and Processing.

To learn more about SWBC and Nacha’s Preferred Partner Program, visit:

About SWBC

As a diversified financial services company, SWBC provides financial institutions, businesses, and individuals a wide range of insurance, mortgages, wealth management, employee benefits, and more. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, SWBC has partners and divisions across all 50 states and manages business around the world. No matter how wide its reach, SWBC always listens to our customers’ needs, analyzes their current situations, and recommends customized solutions. For more information about our innovative approach to personalized service, visit SWBC’s website at


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