August 31, 2020

Same Day ACH: New Dollar Limit Not a Fraud Vector

Business Email Compromise is a major concern today, but it appears that the recent enhancement to Same Day ACH has not resulted in any increase in criminal activity, an informal Nacha survey found.

The Same Day ACH per-payment dollar limit quadrupled to $100,000 on March 20, 2020. Ninety days after the change, Nacha surveyed its Direct Members to learn about their experiences. More than 80%—accounting for about 81.5% of all commercially originated ACH transactions—responded.

In their capacity as both ODFIs and RDFIs, none indicated that they saw an increase in Same Day ACH fraud that was directly attributable to the higher dollar limit.

Among the other findings, all of the responding institutions that originate Same Day ACH allow their clients to access the new $100,000 limit. And almost 70% of respondents said they have some clients who, as a normal part of their business, regularly initiate transactions above the previous $25,000 limit.

Because of the importance of monitoring risk and fraud on the ACH Network, Nacha will continue to report results and incidents to the industry at large on a periodic basis.