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Article August 1, 2023

Summertime and the living is busy. At least for Nacha’s Industry Engagement team, which year-round promotes the benefits of ACH payments for specific industry use cases.

Article January 12, 2023
With some $485 billion in annual donations at stake, Nacha is working to help more nonprofits to accept ACH donations.
Landing Page September 15, 2022
Featuring electronic bank transfers as a payment method benefits your donors, your organization and your mission.
Landing Page September 13, 2022
Featuring electronic bank transfers as an option for payment method benefits your congregation and your house of worship.
Article August 2, 2022
While ACH is as easy as ABC in the payments world, not everyone knows about the benefits of using electronic payments. That’s where Nacha’s Industry Verticals team comes in.
Article May 19, 2022
DonorsChoose founder and CEO Charles Best came to Smarter Faster Payments 2022 to tell the incredible story of how his organization was created in a Bronx classroom.
Article May 16, 2022
With Nacha research showing just a quarter of recurring donors use ACH, there's "a big opportunity to grow this number."
Article March 1, 2022
How did a Minnesota credit union maximize its donations to local nonprofits? With an app that uses ACH, or electronic bank transfers, to cut out fees. Learn more in our case study.
Article October 4, 2021
An expert in the field of charitable giving says Nacha's Nonprofit Toolkit has a wide range of resources that nonprofits of all sizes will find helpful.
Article August 5, 2021
​​​​​​​Nonprofits large and small will benefit by using Nacha’s newly updated Nonprofit Toolkit to encourage donations by electronic bank transfer via the ACH Network.
Article June 16, 2021
ACH frees up time, money and energy so nonprofits can focus on what really matters: their mission.  In creating a new ACH toolkit for nonprofits, Nacha undertook research to see what resonated with donor coordinators and donors. The goal was to ensure the language we use assists nonprofits in their efforts to accept ACH donations.
Article May 3, 2021

Episode 3: ACH for Nonprofits

Landing Page September 9, 2020
Electronic bank transfers can help nonprofits and religious organizations manage and increase automatic donations.