June 16, 2021

ACH Donations Can Help Nonprofits Thrive


ACH frees up time, money and energy so nonprofits can focus on what really matters: their mission. 

In creating a new ACH toolkit for nonprofits, Nacha undertook research to see what resonated with donor coordinators and donors. The goal was to ensure the language we use assists nonprofits in their efforts to accept ACH donations.

That’s why you’ll see the term “electronic bank transfer” used throughout; it’s what users understood. But make no mistake, it’s ACH and the ACH Network we are promoting.

“After robust research, we have taken the Nacha Nonprofit Toolkit to the next level,” said Brad Smith, Senior Director, Industry Engagement and Advocacy. “The data allowed us to create a comprehensive, customizable resource for nonprofits to start accepting ACH donations or build a  sustaining donor program.”

The kit highlights that by leveraging electronic bank transfers, nonprofits can offer a safe, reliable way to donate long-term, which also gives more to the mission.

Nonprofit Toolkit

The toolkit was designed to take nonprofits through the process of getting their boards to approve ACH transactions, to implementing the capability online, to getting donors comfortable with the selection. The kit can be downloaded as a whole or as individual steps. Learn more on our dedicated page for nonprofits

Nonprofit Podcast

In this podcast, Smith discusses the research, the toolkit and how ACH can help nonprofits.

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Nonprofit News

As Nacha continues its outreach to and with nonprofits, we will expand the toolkit and create additional resources. If you would like to receive information, sign up for Nonprofit News.

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