December 13, 2021

Aliaswire Joins Phixius, Nacha’s Peer-to-Peer Data Exchange Network

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Aliaswire, a provider of digital payment and credit solutions for businesses and financial institutions, and Nacha today announced that Aliaswire will join the Phixius Peer-to-Peer Network for the exchange of payment-related data. 

Established and operated by Nacha, the Phixius Peer-to-Peer Network allows participants to instantaneously exchange and verify payment-related information to enable more efficient and secure electronic payments. Peers in the Phixius network receive several important benefits, including a single source for verification and exchange of payment-related data, improved automation, revenue potential, with enhanced risk management and regulatory compliance.

Nacha welcomes Aliaswire’s participation in Phixius, an important and growing Peer-to-Peer Network,” said George Throckmorton, Nacha managing director and executive director of Afinis Interoperability Standards. “Data verification of consumer and business account information is a priority for Aliaswire and other Phixius participants, and we look forward to more companies joining as they learn about the benefits of the Phixius Network.”

Aliaswire supports billers, financial institutions and small businesses, and their merchant service providers. Its DirectBiller digital bill pay platform equips banks to offer commercial clients modern, custom-branded billing and payment experiences to their customers. DirectBiller manages the end-to-end process from invoicing through payment reconciliation and integrates with banks’ treasury management systems and billers’ ERP systems. Aliaswire’s PayVus small business credit card issuing platform combines merchant acquiring and issuing to generate new revenues while opening up access to credit for small businesses.

“As a business that is focused on taking the friction out of everyday payment processes, we are very pleased to participate in Phixius,” said Jed Rice, CEO of Aliaswire. “The ability to embed this technology into DirectBiller to securely verify bank accounts enables Aliaswire to help our billers and bank channel partners achieve compliance with Nacha's Web-Debit requirement. We also believe Phixius provides a foundation for future payment innovation, and we are excited to be part of that.”

About Nacha

Nacha governs the thriving ACH Network, the payment system that drives safe, smart, and fast Direct Deposits and Direct Payments with the capability to reach all U.S. bank and credit union accounts. Nearly 27 billion ACH Network payments were made in 2020, valued at close to $62 trillion. Through problem-solving and consensus-building among diverse payment industry stakeholders, Nacha advances innovation and interoperability in the payments system. Nacha develops rules and standards, provides industry solutions, and delivers education, accreditation, and advisory services.

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About Aliaswire, Inc.

Aliaswire is a fintech company based in Boston with a history of innovation in payments. The company supports leading financial institutions and merchant services providers with bill pay through DirectBiller® and small business credit solutions through PayVus®. For more information, visit

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