Clarification on Usage: Reason Return Codes for Stop Payments

Posted October 20, 2005

This operations bulletin is intended to clarify that Return Reason Code R08 (Payment Stopped) can be used to return any entry (including ARCs and RCKs) where a stop payment order has been placed on the ACH entry.

Use of PPD Debit Entries for Check Conversion

Posted September 25, 2005

Use of the PPD Standard Entry Class Code for the conversion of consumer checks accepted at the point of purchase for payment of goods and services is not expressly recognized under the NACHA Operating Rules, as the POP application was designed with the express purpose of converting checks at the point of purchase.

NACHA Decision on Rule Enforcement in Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Posted September 15, 2005

The ACH Rules Enforcement Panel has decided that it will not impose penalties on financial institutions that originate XCK entries to collect checks currently defined as ineligible under Subsection 2.7.2 of the NACHA Operating Rules.

Customer Service Inquiries: ACH Processing and Hurricane Katrina

Posted September 6, 2005

The following question and answer format is intended to provide guidance to RDFIs in responding to the needs of their account holders while remaining in compliance with the requirements of the NACHA Operating Rules.

Citigroup Receives NACHA's 2005 George Mitchell Payments System Excellence Award

Posted April 12, 2005

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Citigroup was recognized for their respective accomplishments in electronic-

CheckFree, National City Receive NACHA Quality Awards

Posted April 12, 2005

SAN ANTONIO, TX – NACHA presented its 2005 Kevin O'Brien ACH Quality Awards to CheckFree Corp.

VA Honored With Kevin O'Brien Quality Award for HIPAA-Compliant Electronic Payments

Posted April 2, 2004

NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association has selected the chief business office of the U.S.