NACHA Releases Q4 2014 Government Relations Digest

Posted January 8, 2015

NACHA’s quarterly Government Relations Digest reflects current payments system policy issues of potential impact to the ACH Network and other retail payment channels. The following are some highlights most relevant to NACHA Members.

ACH Operations Bulletin #2-2014: ACH Transactions Involving Third-Party Senders and Other Payment Intermediaries

Posted December 30, 2014

In most ACH transactions, the roles of the various parties to the transaction (e.g., Originator or Receiver) are well understood. When a transaction involves a Third-Party Sender or other payment intermediary, however, roles can become confused. Although the proliferation of new payment models makes it impossible to catalogue all the different fact patterns that may arise, this ACH Operations Bulletin is intended to provide some representative examples that should help participants and observers properly categorize the roles of the parties in payment scenarios involving different types of third party payment intermediaries, and understand how ACH transactions should be identified for consumers. Note: This ACH Operations Bulletin is for information purposes only, and is intended to provide general guidance regarding certain principles regarding the interpretation of the NACHA Operating Rules. All applications of the NACHA Operating Rules are subject to the facts and circumstances of the specific case. This ACH Operations Bulletin is not intended to provide legal advice. Readers should obtain their own legal advice regarding their obligations under the NACHA Operating Rules or applicable legal requirements. 

NACHA Releases Request for Comment on Same Day ACH

Posted December 9, 2014

NACHA today released a Request for Comment (RFC) on Same Day ACH. The RFC outlines a proposal for new, ubiquitous clearing and settlement options to move virtually any ACH payment faster, expanding upon traditional ACH functionality.

Merchant Financial Cyber Partnership Announces Next Steps for Securing the Payments System

Posted December 4, 2014

The Merchant Financial Cyber Partnership announced next steps for the two industries to continue working together to strengthen the security of the payments system. Launched in February, the Partnership has succeeded in its goal to work collaboratively across the payments system to enhance security in order to protect customers and their data from cyber threats. 

Healthcare EFT via ACH Volume Increases Almost 180 Percent in 12 Months

Posted November 20, 2014

Changes to the NACHA Operating Rules to allow the identification of healthcare EFT via ACH transactions that flow through the ACH Network became effective in September of 2013.  Since October 2013, the first full month of processing, the volumes of healthcare EFT transactions have increased by 177 percent.  Specifically during this period, total transaction volume amounted to 120,613,080 and the dollar value of these transactions totaled $680.5 billion.