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Same Day ACH Webinar Presentations

February 26, 2018

NACHA is pleased to offer access to the following presentation decks from Same Day ACH webinars hosted throughout 2017.

  • Same Day ACH Credits Post Implementation: ODFI & RDFI Business Cases 
  • Same Day Debits: Are You at Risk of Being Noncompliant?
  • Same Day ACH Debits: Prepare Now for Operational Impact
  • How Same Day ACH Impacts ARC, BOC, POP, TEL & WEB Debit Entries
  • Ready, Set, Debit: Same Day Debits are (Almost) Here

Infographic: 2017 Same Day ACH Volume

January 11, 2018
Same Day ACH debit and credit transactions totaled 15.2 million in December, an increase of 51 percent over November’s volume, according to data released today by Nacha.

RDFI Preparedness for Same Day ACH

October 13, 2017

NACHA provides results of recently conducted survey of 44 of the top RDFIs on their readiness to receive Same Day ACH credits by September and their plans for funds availability.


And then there were two — Same Day ACH phases that have gone live, that is

October 11, 2017
The October edition of the PYMNTS Faster Payments Tracker™, powered by NACHA, looks at notable developments in the global remittance market, including new real-time payment tools for SMBs, blockchain and the latest trends in faster payments infrastructures, including the recent rollout of Same Day ACH Phase 2.

A Year After Same-Day Credits, the ACH Gets Set to Launch Same-Day Debits Friday

September 15, 2017
(Originally posted on Digital Transactions) By John Stewart @DTPaymentNews The nation’s automated clearing house network launches same-day clearing and settlement on Friday for debit transactions, and top officials at NACHA say the Herndon, Va.-based network administrator is making final preparations. “We’re looking forward to tomorrow,” Jane Larimer, chief operating officer and general counsel at NACHA, told Digital Transactions News late Thursday.

For NACHA’s Same Day ACH, The Debit Debut

September 15, 2017
(Originally posted in In payments, some rollouts come with fanfare. Apple comes to mind. Fitness watches are a recent entrant of pageantry. For NACHA, there’s a rollout of a different sort, with far-reaching impact on how, who and when consumers and enterprises see funds flow. No confabs here, or webcasts with smoke and mirrors and rock music.

“Check and Correct” Effective Entry Dates for Same Day ACH Debits in Phase 2

September 7, 2017

On September 15, 2017, when debits become eligible for same-day processing, a “today’s date” in the Effective Entry Date field will be treated as valid for a debit entry and settled on that day, assuming it is submitted timely into an ACH Operator’s same-day processing window.  This Guidance strongly encourages ODFIs, their Originators, and software and processing vendors to “check and correct” Effective Entry Dates for ACH debit processing, even among those who do not intend to use same-day processing – i.e., do not be an inadvertent Originator of same-day ACH debits.


Same Day ACH Gets Its First Sequel

September 6, 2017
The September edition of the PYMNTS Faster Payments Tracker™, powered by NACHA, highlights notable news and developments from across the faster payments landscape, including how banks and other financial institutions are preparing for the arrival of Same Day ACH debits and the efforts that regional payment associations are making to ensure their members understand what the changes will entail.