April 13, 2023


Preferred Partner for ACH Experience/ISO 20022/Open Banking

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XMLdation solutions are designed for banks and payment system operators. We deliver self-service testing solutions that streamline customer onboarding and also help to roll-out new payment schemes and adopt new formats. We natively support Nacha ACH, ISO 20022, EFT (Canada) SWIFT MT and many other payment and open finance API standards.

Benefits of a Nacha Partnership:

XMLdation has worked closely with Nacha on ISO 20022, API standardization, and industry initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to industry best practices and innovation in the payments space. By becoming a Nacha Preferred Partner, XMLdation can further strengthen their relationship with Nacha and benefit from increased visibility, access to resources, and input on industry initiatives. This partnership will allow them to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions to clients in the U.S., while also helping shape the future of the payments industry. Joining Nacha's network of Preferred Partners further solidifies XMLdation’s position as a leading payments testing company in the U.S.

How XMLdation helps advance the ACH Network:

XMLdation can play an important role in advancing the ACH Network in the US by providing solutions that help financial institutions, payment processors, and other payment service providers to optimize ACH payments. XMLdation provides ACH testing solutions that can help ensure compliance with Nacha guidelines and optimize ACH operations, reducing errors and streamlining processes. Financial institutions can save time and money while providing a better service to help corporate treasury clients automate ACH Payments processes and get up and running with file-based payments more easily

Moreover, XMLdation can play an important role in allowing financial institutions to continue to use the ACH Network and ACH format while incorporating support for ISO 20022 in specific steps of their overall ACH payments process. XMLdation brings tremendous knowledge of ISO 20022 and how it is used in payment market infrastructures, in open finance initiatives and by corporate businesses globally. We bring the experience of mapping ISO 20022 and ACH, an understanding of how US banks currently support ISO 20022 on customer channels, and knowledge of how to design APIs that are ISO 20022 aligned. All of benefit as the ecosystem surrounding the ACH Network adopts new technologies and standards. 

XMLdation’s cloud self-service testing solution allows banks to onboard their business customers to ACH payment products faster, and support a more automated customer journey. Customers can view file format specs and sample files, validate their ACH files, and even simulate return and reject files, while the bank can monitor their progress. In addition to supporting ACH file format, the solution supports ISO 20022 format for ACH payments. 

To learn more about XMLdation, read the announcement or visit XMLdation.com.

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