April 28, 2019


Preferred Partner for Compliance/Risk and Fraud Prevention/ACH Experience

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SWIVEL Transactions, LLC, is a financial technology and services company providing specialized, integrated transaction enablement solutions that remove friction for account holders, borrowers and departments across financial institutions, as well as collections agencies and departments, while also mitigating risks associated with moving funds in digital domains. More than 800 financial institutions use SWIVEL's payment solutions across the United States. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of SWBC, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

For more information about SWIVEL and its innovative solutions, visit getswivel.io.

Benefits of a Nacha Partnership:

SWIVEL is a trusted leader in the payments industry and proud to be a Nacha Preferred Partner. As a trailblazer in transaction enablement, we are well-positioned to effectively navigate the complexities of the ACH payments ecosystem and help our clients to prepare for and adapt quickly to changes in the regulatory landscape. SWIVEL’s commitment to Nacha guidelines and principles offers the trust and credibility financial institutions require for successful payments and integrations.

How SWIVEL helps advance the ACH Network:

SWIVEL aims to create innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of ACH payments in its product and service offerings. We invest in innovative technology to detect and prevent fraud, implement APIs to enhance efficiencies and provide user-friendly interfaces across multiple payment channels for ACH and other payment rails. SWIVEL directly contributes to the volume of transactions on the ACH Network.

At SWIVEL we have a culture of compliance that starts with our executive leadership and flows throughout the organization. We conduct periodic assessments and stay abreast of changing and emerging payment industry regulations to ensure adherence to existing rules and upcoming ACH rule changes.

To comply with the Nacha Operating Rules and Guidelines, SWIVEL prioritizes early detection of suspicious activity through real-time monitoring, rule-based controls and escalations to identify, prevent and halt fraudulent activity. We use advanced data analytics to identify trends and anomalies that may be red flags for unauthorized transactions and to mitigate ACH payment risk.

SWIVEL develops strong relationships with direct and indirect account holders by providing frictionless online payment experiences. We believe every transaction should cultivate the relationship between our clients and their borrowers and account holders. We are constantly innovating and implementing new tools to modernize ACH payments.

As a Nacha Preferred Partner and Payments Innovation Alliance Member, SWIVEL engages actively to strengthen and grow the ACH payments ecosystem.

For more information, visit SWIVEL.

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