March 09, 2021

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Risk Management Portal /
ACH Contact Registry

Through Nacha’s Risk Management Portal that includes the ACH Contact Registry, Third-Party Sender Registration, Direct Access Registration, and the Terminated Originator Database, ACH Network participants can help enhance Network quality and security, fueling innovation and the continued growth of the Network.

The Risk Management Portal area requires a separate login. Nacha Portal Support Line: 703-349-4556, or Email Support:

Upcoming Rules Changes

Get the latest information on upcoming Nacha Operating Rules to be implemented. If you have a specific question about the Nacha Operating Rules, please visit and fill out our new request form.

ACH Rules Resources for Corporates

AAP / APRP Continuing Education Credit Registration

Get the latest information on filing fees and deadlines, when to file, ways to earn credits, and steps to file your credits online. Click on the links below to browse detailed information.

Questions? Contact Nacha Accreditation at Nacha.

PaymentsIQ by Nacha

Your payments eLearning hub

Whether you’re a payments professionals employed by a financial institution, a corporation, a fintech, a government agency, or other industry stakeholder organization, you must explore PaymentsIQ by Nacha. Discover more than 120 on-demand payments courses that’ll help you stay ahead of the curve. Hot topics like faster payments, emerging innovations and technologies, risk management and compliance, professional development, and more will be available and ready to access.