June 24, 2019

Nacha Announces GIACT® as a Preferred Partner for Account Validation

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HERNDON, Va. — June 24, 2019 — GIACT® is a new Nacha Preferred Partner for Account Validation. Nacha Preferred Partners are a select group of innovators that contribute to Nacha’s strategic efforts in support of the payments ecosystem by removing friction, increasing ease, improving cash flow accessibility and efficiency, as well as supporting sound risk management and security for ACH payments. GIACT was selected as a Preferred Partner because of the breadth of offerings it has to help companies reduce payments risk through its network of account validation and account verification services. 

“Nacha’s Preferred Partner Program allows us to support the industry with tools and resources that can facilitate better payments,” said Jane Larimer, chief operating officer of Nacha. “Account validation solutions can help minimize payments risk and fraud and enable safer and more secure transactions. We are pleased to be working with companies like GIACT to bring forward additional account validation offerings that can improve transaction quality across the payments industry.”

GIACT’s EPIC Platform® is a comprehensive set of solutions that allows businesses to better manage risk - from enrollment to compliance. Solutions are accessible through a single API with real-time processing and fact-based decisioning, enabling enterprise-level customization and scalability, and fast implementation.

“As the proven leader in payments and identity fraud prevention, we are pleased to be selected as Nacha’s newest Preferred Partner for Account Validation,” said Melissa Townsley, co-founder and CEO of GIACT. “Our platform not only supports businesses with their account validation needs, but provides solutions to safeguard the complete customer life cycle allowing for a comprehensive experience that maintains the safety and security of their enterprise and their customers.” 

GIACT, as the Preferred Partner for Account Validation, joins a growing list of Nacha Preferred Partners working to better support the payments ecosystem including:

•    AeroPay Express for B2B Electronic Payment Enablement;
•    Alacriti for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments; 
•    Bottomline Technologies for B2B Payments; 
•    Finastra for Enabling Innovation in Payments;
•    Fiserv for Payments and Financial Services;
•    High Radius for Cash Application Automation;
•    MACH1 for ACH Enablement of Micro Businesses;
•    MicroBilt for Bank Account Verification;
•    Transactis for API Enablement of Electronic Bill Payments; 
•    Treasury Software for ACH Enablement and Integration;
•    SWBC for ACH Facilitated Lending Services; and
•    Volante for Payments as a Service.

To learn more about GIACT and Nacha’s Preferred Partner Program, visit www.nacha.org/Preferred-Partner

About Nacha
Nacha is a nonprofit organization that convenes hundreds of diverse organizations to enhance and enable ACH payments and financial data exchange within the U.S. and across geographies. Through the development of rules, standards, governance, education, advocacy, and in support of innovation, Nacha’s efforts benefit all stakeholders. Nacha is the steward of the ACH Network, a payment system that universally connects all U.S. bank accounts and facilitates the movement of money and information. In 2018, there were 27 billion ACH payments, and more than $51 trillion in value moved across the ACH Network. Nacha also leads groups focused on API standardization and B2B payment enablement. 

GIACT® has been helping companies verify valued customers since 2004. From financial to insurance, to retail, to solutions for your industry, GIACT offers customer intelligence for complete payment confidence. As the leader in providing real-time data to help companies mitigate payment risk and fraud, our OFAC screening, ID verification, account verification and authentication, and mobile verification solutions enable you to focus on providing unmatched customer experiences. Since our founding, we've processed billions of transactions for our more than 1,000 customers. For more information, visit www.giact.com or call 1-866-918-2409.  Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.