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Article November 16, 2021

Payments in the United States are becoming faster. To gain a competitive advantage, some financial institutions offer consumers access to funds from an ACH credit before settlement, which is allowed under the Nacha Rules.

Article November 16, 2021

The payment industry is constantly evolving and innovating. So are the threats it faces. Scammers work hard conjuring up new tricks, which is why we can’t let our guard down for even a minute.

Article November 2, 2021

In just five short years, Same Day ACH – Nacha’s faster payments solution – has gained remarkable traction, with the payments community putting it to work in several use cases.  

Article October 12, 2021
2021 is shaping up to be a banner year for healthcare volume on the ACH Network, as medical and dental providers increasingly recognize the advantages of electronic claim payments. 
Article October 11, 2021
Business Email Compromise (BEC) is an increasing concern for organizations of all sizes. Learn what to do to avoid becoming a victim.
Article October 4, 2021
An expert in the field of charitable giving says Nacha's Nonprofit Toolkit has a wide range of resources that nonprofits of all sizes will find helpful.
Article September 28, 2021
Nine financial institutions have been fined for Class 2 Rules violations for not entering required information in the ACH Contact Registry.
Article September 24, 2021
Routing numbers can change with mergers and acquisitions, or even be retired when no longer needed. Keeping track of routing numbers and which FIs they belong to can be challenging.
Article September 15, 2021
The future is now – or at least is in the works. Nacha’s new Alliance Project Team has kicked off and designed a plan for the first Faster Payments Professional Certificate, which will allow payments professionals to demonstrate proficiency in the field of faster payments. The team is on track to launch the program in early 2022.
Article September 9, 2021
To mark the fifth anniversary of Same Day ACH, Nacha has new cases studies showcasing the ways this faster payment method is being put to use.
Article September 8, 2021
As Same Day ACH marks its fifth anniversary, Nacha President and CEO Jane Larimer looks at some milestones and what's ahead.
Article August 31, 2021
It seems like the bad guys work night and day concocting new ways to separate people and businesses from their money. But when it comes to cybercrime, one scam tops the list: Business Email Compromise (BEC).
Article August 25, 2021
Like peanut butter and jelly or ice cream and hot fudge, fintechs and financial institutions can be a great pairing. But there’s a lot for both sides to think about when considering a partnership.
Article August 25, 2021
It’s expensive to be poor and unbanked. When a population is left out of the financial system, every transaction has to be done in person, which means walking and sometimes for hours, to pay for goods and services. And to move money, i.e. traveling in cash, from the big cities to rural areas is equally costly and even risky.
Article August 24, 2021
A panel of end users and practitioners discusses the key features and drivers of the FedNow Service – and whether they tend to adopt the new payments system when available – as well as how new payments rails may have changed their business models.
Article August 24, 2021
Payments Remote Connect builds on yesterday’s sessions and we invite you to try out something new by attending one of the lunch and learns that launch today. However, before we meet for lunch, we hope you’ll join us for our keynote address this morning, which touches on the importance – and the power – of perceptions in the workplace, key relationships needed to ensure your success, and the role authenticity plays in being a powerful leader.
Article August 24, 2021
L’chaim! Proost! Cheers! However you offer a toast, be sure to bring a glass to raise as you join us tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. ET for the NEACH Payments Group Comedy Show. We’ve got a drink idea to go with the show.
Article August 24, 2021
Speaking at the fifth annual Federal Reserve Town Hall at Smarter Faster Payments Remote Connect, Mark Gould, the Federal Reserve’s first Chief Payments Executive, said a key objective is collaboration with stakeholders to “improve the payments system broadly, with a focus on the speed, safety, and efficiency of domestic and cross-border payments.”
Article August 24, 2021
The last year and a half was turbulent, but through it all the ACH Network delivered for Americans when they needed it most, while also preparing for a strong future, Nacha President and CEO Jane Larimer said.
Article August 23, 2021
As digital payments trends settle in and become the norm for B2B transactions, what are the challenges financial institutions and corporates face? Panelists Sanjay Mathew of Oracle Corp., Christine Moy of Onyx by J.P. Morgan, and Alan Ng of Accenture discussed the current payments landscape and how stakeholders can adjust to this new, consistently shifting paradigm.